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Our experience with Kathy was a pleasure.

She was recommended by a friend of ours, and the recommendation turned out to be excellent. Kathy sold our home quickly at a premium price. She was a personable and knowledgeable agent in the market. She connects with people on a down to earth level with a great smile and honesty. If you are looking for a realtor you cannot do better than Kathy. Fred & Susan Fechtman

Susan Fechtman

Kathy was the 4th Real Estate agent we talked with.

She had been recommended by our neighbor, and she lived up to his recommendation. We were impressed by her right away. We had been in our house 35 years and yet Kathy was able to make the experience as smooth and painless as possible. We felt like she put our needs first. She is a very good communicator and when we had questions or problems, she either took care of it personally, or she had her staff refer us to someone who would resolve the situation. It was a long process and she helped us from beginning to end. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to sell, or buy, a home.

Tim and Denise Boyd

Kathy is an absolutely incredible person and a stellar real estate agent!

  I feel so grateful to have found her.  When my husband and I decided to sell our home I did an online search for an agent. I was impressed with Kathy’s reviews. I gave her a call and set up a meeting. Upon meeting her I felt like she was honest and realistic. I didn’t want an agent that was just going to tell me what I wanted to hear. She was also a positive, interesting and an overall enjoyable person to be with. Of course you really want to like the person that you hire to sell your house. It was an instant connection and Kathy was hired. The process of selling the house had ups and downs but I felt like Kathy, Eric and her team were excellent advocates for us through the whole process.  She did an absolutely incredible job selling our house. I believe that an agent’s true skills come out when the negotiations get tough and problems arise. She handed every issue gracefully and with confidence. Kathy is clever, creative, and a great problem solver. I truly believe she was a gift from above. I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with her and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an agent with integrity!

Dan & Janae Raphael

Kathy and Jennifer are my "real estate angels".

This was my first time buying a home and they made this experience one of the best. The house I purchased was in fierce competition with 10 offers and Kathy and Jennifer made my house dreams come true representing me and making the process easy and seamless. Not only do I recommend them to anyone who is in the market but these wonderful ladies will do everything they can to ensure your house dreams become a reality. Thank you to both of them for making my dreams come true.

Taryn Conway

Thank you for the great job on the sale of my home!

Because of my busy schedule, I did not always have the ability to be around. Thank you very much for always being there to answer the calls and meet with everyone to get everything done. You were truly amazing. Just think, after multiple agents and 6 years of attempting to sell my home, you sold my house in less than 4 months.   Your marketing strategies and professionalism made you invaluable. Your follow up was first class. You were willing to jump through hoops and made it all happen without any inconvenience. I highly recommend you to anyone looking for the ?Best in the Business" to sell their home.   You truly have the customer's best interest at heart from the moment you meet them until the job is done. I look forward to continuing working with you as we move forward to find my new home!   Thank you again for everything, I really appreciate it!

Kathy, Eric, and the Leimkuhler Group were fantastic to work with!

We truly believe that we would not have gotten the results we did if not for them. When we first met, they laid out a strategy to sell our family home of many years, and they followed through on that plan and helped us sell for a record-breaking price! They were extremely professional, available, willing to answer questions, and prepared. One of the most important things was that they were very focused on doing everything they could for our listing, including marketing, negotiating, and working behind the scenes to ensure everything went smoothly, and it showed! Our home sold for a spectacular price that was higher than we could have ever imagined, and they worked to get us 2 months to stay in our house for free in order to give us time to move. We could not be happier with their work. If you want to sell your property, look no further than the Leimkuhler Group! You will not be disappointed!

Gordon Thulemeyer

Kathy helped me sale my house under a very difficult situation.

She coordinated every aspect of the sale; helped buyer expedite the loan approval process; arranged all necessary repairs on my behalf, and remained in regular contact with me. She is one of the most trusted real estate agents I have ever met - someone I would always go back to seek help from on any real estate matters in the future. Giving Kathy 5 stars will not speak enough about her dedication, trust worthiness and efficiency! Her team is also excellent, each one of them committed to, and eager to help, Kathy's clients. I wish Kathy and her team all the best in any, and all of their endeavors.

Mohammad Asghar

We recently used Kathy to sell a house that was very important to us.

She handled the transaction with efficiency and professionalism. The house was in escrow in a week and she made sure that it went at smoothly as possible. We highly recommend her and felt that she brought a personal touch that was indicative of her business acumen and great personal touch.

Karen Calabrese

Kathy and Eric Leimkuhler are one of the best, most amazing realtor teams with whom we have ever worked.

We were on the selling end of the transaction and they kept us informed and educated about the process, communicated about what to expect, and overall were so professional, honest and kind that I cannot recommend them enough. We hired them to do what they do…then we got out of their way. We let them be the professionals, we took their advice about pricing and staging, and sat back and watched the magic happen. We had 80+ (prequalified) showings in one weekend, over 40 offers, and sold our 1800 sg. ft.home for $1.435m ($400K over the initial asking price). Our sale actually set a record in our neighborhood and I am convinced it is because we used the Leimkuhler team. I am NOT a real estate professional, and we relied upon their expertise, years of experience in the business and we are so happy that we did.

Barbie Stevenson

As a peer in the Real Estate industry working for the corporate side of the business, I knew a lot of agents who could have helped our family sell our home and purchase a new one.

  We interviewed several top producers, but found that your luxury experience, tenacity and professionalism won over our trust.     We were especially impressed by the fact that our home sold for the highest price in our tract, while two others listed on at the same time have lingered on the market and not sold, even when their asking price was lower than ours!   You were also always right there when we needed you, guiding us through tough emotional decisions. Thank you for your integrity. Your service experience is like riding first class!

We would like to thank you for all you've done for us with the purchase of our new home.

We sincerely appreciate all your hard work and your generous kind heart. I can't believe you stood by us for three years since we first met at one of your open houses. For that, I am forever grateful for your patience! It was certainly refreshing to have you in my corner.  We love the new house and the extra space. It is slowly looking like a home now! You are what made this dream come true. I'm certain that you pulled a few strings behind the scenes that I did not see, and I thank you for those as well. You really have gone above and beyond my expectations. We will definitely refer you to anyone we talk to who is looking to buy a home. We wish you well in all you do.


The team of Kathy and Eric was exceptional and really shine in our tough situation: What happened was our multi-million property became stale after 1.

5 year on the market with another agent. We set out to look for a new agent with extra caution, so we interviewed well-established, local agents. We had no idea about Kathy and Eric, but they gave us the most impressive interview by far, because #1 They came to the interview and thoroughly prepared with their comprehensive surveys, unlike all other agents we talked to. #2 We could really feel their bubbling enthusiasm. #3 Their commission were not much more than our first agent's commission, even though they covered staging, plus much better marketing (like night and day). Our listing contract was signed. From day one, we could tell all their works were done with excellence and much efforts: They did a wonderful job staging the house and the ground. Their staging was so well done and in such a big scale that it blew us away even though we were skeptical about staging in general. Kathy also provided some great instinct to spruce up the house. Then as time went by, we could tell their marketing strategy was top notch in every way, both online and in print. We could tell how savvy, analytical they were: Created a dedicated website and very professional video for the property; casted their net far and wide, brought in buyer interest as far away as New York. They took no break on holidays, in fact, they leveraged holiday occasions to market the property. They advertised our property on magazines and created such beautiful brochures, etc. It was not like we agreed with them on everything, but they were very good listeners. Their efforts turned around our situation: We had stream of showings and closed our escrow in 6 months. All of these happened during C-19 pandemic and Presidential election. They did a wonderful job for us from day one to the end! If you happen to have a challenging situation, or uncommon properties, or you are hand-off sellers or involved sellers or anywhere in between, you should interview Kathy and Eric. We highly recommend them by a wide margin, because of their hard work, sophisticated and effective marketing, easy to work with and never-rest attitude to earn their commissions. You could find agents with some of the attributes, but it’s very hard to find agents with all of the attributes, such as Kathy and Eric! Frank & Heidi Duong

Frank and Heidi Duong

Very pleased with all services provided by the Kathy Leimkuhler First Team Real Estate team.

My wife and I were very pleased with all the transactions handled by Kathy and her team from listing our home for sale to closing the deal. We have used Kathy’s team for several home sale and purchase transactions and have been very pleased with their performance.

Martinez Henry

If you want true professionals guiding your real estate sale or purchase, hire the Leimkuhler Group.

Everything they did was friendly, professional and got exactly the results they predicted, the sale of our home in 30 days for more than the previous, expired listing.

S. Henslee Smith

She met with me and my husband and showed us the "right" type of property after we explained what we had in mind to purchase.

Although the financial process had some hiccups, Kathy helped things move along smoothly.

Janis Buchner

Kathy was our agent when we sold our house in Orange.

We had interviewed 5 different realtors, and we were impressed with her as a person, and an agent. She helped us all the way through the process and made herself accessible along the way. Having lived in our house 35 years, we had many concerns and she helped guide us through the process. I would highly recommend her to anyone trying to sell, or buy, their home.

Tim Boyd

Because it had been over forty years since the sale of my last house, I was apprehensive about how difficult it might be to sell my property.

After only about a half-an-hour meeting with Kathy, I knew she was the realtor I could trust, and she was the one I wanted to work with. She was very personable, professional and clearly explained the sales process in detail - how much to list the house for - what minor changes needed to be done to make it more attractive to buyers - even the best paint colors. After the initial weekend showing, we had multiple offers, all more than asking price. Kathy evaluated the offers and recommended the strongest buyers for me to chose from. I got the best price for the property with the least amount of hassle and worry. She also helped guide me through the escrow process, and made sure it closed in thirty days. She is a true experienced, professional who is pleasant to work with, and I highly recommend Kathy Leimkuhler for the sale of your house.

Wade Pearson

We went through about a half-dozen realtors while looking for our new home.

We met Kathy Leimkuhler at an open house and knew immediately that she would be the one to have the patience and endurance to help us find our new "dream" home. Kathy was there for us - weekends, evenings, while on vacation, at the spur of the moment, we could depend on Kathy - AND never any pressure! She always looked out for us. Kathy is professional, yet friendly and down-to-earth; customer-oriented, and very knowledgeable. She took care of all the paperwork and diligently explained every detail - we had complete faith and trust in Kathy during the purchase process and we weren't disappointed! After helping us purchase our new house, we have entrusted her to help us sell our previous home. I have no doubt that we will be well-represented and equally satisfied with Kathy's expertise and more importantly, we now have a new and valued family friend.

Dear Marion and Kathy, I am writing this letter as a big THANK YOU to both of you for your hard work in selling our home.

 In this market, "business as usual" is simply not enough, and the two of you went the extra mile in marketing our house and obtaining results. Just as importantly, you worked as a team to provide excellent and consistent service: there was never a time when we felt you were not available to us. Steve and I really enjoyed working with both of you. I would recommend you to anyone in this area who is considering selling his or her home. Sellers can rest assured that you will combine innovative marketing methods with sound experience to represent them to the fullest. Your company may not be the largest one, but as real estate agents, you are top notch! We wish you all the best in this New Year. Warmest regards, Jo Tucker

It was a pleasure working with Kathy and Eric.

They are very professional and enthusiastic and were always available to answer all questions. They were on site for every showing and we would highly recommend them for any real estate transaction.

Richard H.

2020 has been a year which none of us could have foreseen occuring.

Our relocation out of California had been in process for a year and at the crucial time for the move and placing the house on the market the pandemic kicked in full gear. Absolutely bringing everything to a standstill and closing down the realty market. Kathy you and your team proved to be amazing. We selected you all based on your Teams straight-forward honesty and can do attitude and this was before the term Covid 19 had ever been heard of. The marketing plan and strategy pre-Covid had to be adapted by your team to meet the new State Covid mandates and we never once heard an excuse from you or your team. I can still hear your voice on the phone " Dominic don't worry we will figure this out and take care of it". Given we were already out of State that was always a relief to hear and a confidence builder. You and Team exceeded any and all of our expectations we set when we selected your group to represent our home of 20 plus years. You delivered on every promise. The end result being a great closure for the buyers and Us. Once again all the thanks and job well done to the Team! Dominic & Ora

Dominic & Ora De Maria

Kathy and Eric were exceptional!

From the first day we met, I was convinced they would deliver the fastest sale at the highest price possible. And, they exceeded all of our expectations! With one weekend's showing, we were able to select the very best of the 17 excellent offers that were made. We couldn't have been more pleased with their "two for the price of one" service. Eric's one lucky guy to have such an exceptional mentor, and Kathy's one lucky gal to have such a talented and hard-working son and protoge. And we were one lucky couple to have both of them on our team. In my book, they're worthy of 10 stars!

Mimi Grant

I recently sold my home, and purchased a new house of my dreams, working with Kathy Leimkuhler, First Team Estates, Anaheim Hills office.

  I first had to sell my house to have the cash to buy a new home.  As luck would have it, I found the new home before I sold my current house. Kathy assured me that this could be accomplished with good planning and some exceptional marketing. I was skeptical, but decided to trust Kathy to work professionally and accomplish our goal, and she did!! I made an offer on the new house, with a fall back plan in the event I could not sell my current house.  All came together as Kathy promised it would.   She staged my house for the showings and prepared excellent marketing necessary to accomplish a quick sale.   I believe that Kathy was extremely professional and responsive in all her efforts.   I would highly recommend Kathy to anyone wanting to sell or buy a house, and can assure you, that you will be as satisfied as I am.  My experience, of this normally stressful event, was far easier and better than I expected, thanks to Kathy Leimkuhler.

Lisa Gordon

When we were going to sell my late mother-in-law's house, we interviewed three agents.

My brother-in-law was so impressed with the second one that while we were waiting for the third, he said he wished he hadn't set up the third interview. The third interview was with Kathy, and it was scheduled almost as a formality on a recommendation from a friend. 1/2 hour after she left, we called that second guy and told him we were going another direction; we were equally blown away by Kathy's combination of professionalism, energy, and responsiveness. Throughout the entire process, she was available, sensitive to the emotions surrounding the sale of my wife's and brother-in-law's family home, and insightful. She was receptive to our wishes, but also had definite (and accurate) insights, from staging to pricing. She also managed all this from the very onset of the Covid crisis, when the rules were changing daily. Ultimately, though, this is a business in which it's all about results, so here's our result - less than a week after the house was put on the market, it sold for $50,000 more than we were hoping to get for it; a month later, we closed. Simply put, our experience could not have been better. When Kathy came to that initial interview, so did the family friend who recommended her to us. He wanted to personally introduce us and again vouch for her, although there was nothing in it for him to do so. Following our experience with Kathy and her team, it's very easy to understand how she inspired that sort of loyalty.. Highly recommended.

The Oakes & Moriarty Families

Kathy has represented me in several home sales over the years.

I continue to turn to her because I can always count on great results due to her integrity and hard work. And it certainly helps that she really knows the market. The icing on the cake is that it is also an absolute pleasure to work with her!

Jo S.

TESTIMONIAL FOR KATHY LEIMKUHLER My wife and I decided to “interview” three realtors before listing our home.

Kathy Leimkuhler was the first one on our list. Her presentation was so professional that we decided that we didn’t need to speak with other realtors. I had several items that I wanted answered before giving the listing to anyone. Kathy answered all of those questions before I had the chance to ask. She listed our house at 9 a.m. and by 2 p.m. she was back with a stager that helped us get ready for the listing pictures. During the entire process Kathy was there, at the house, on the phone, during the appraisal, during the buyer walk through, and available whenever needed. Her personal service and attention to detail is simply outstanding. We recommend Kathy to anyone thinking about listing or buying a home.

Jerry Nisker

Hi, If you are reading this testimonial and looking for a Realtor to help you buy a new home or sell your house, stop looking!

Kathy is a well qualified professional, who knows her business inside and out. Her knowledge is what makes the buying or selling process as easy as it can possibly be. She is very responsive and a great communicator and negotiator who works hard on your behalf. She helped us through the selling of our house in July 2019 and we couldn't be happier! I'd give more than 5 stars if I could. Call Kathy!

Victor Velasco

We are writing this letter to express our sincere appreciation.

 If not for your experience and serious knowledge of not only real estate in general, but also your specific expertise in the Orange County market, we would still be looking for "the perfect home." Looking back at the process that resulted in us purchasing our dream home, we can't help but think about the numerous times we thought we would never find the "perfect home." Ironically, when we thought we would have to lower our standards in order to get a home, your reminded us of our goal to find "the" home rather than just finding "a" home. You truly are in a class by yourself! Now we know why you have a reputation as being #1. Thank you for helping us realize our dream.

Michael & Katharine Holmes

We just moved in to our new home a month ago and I miss Kathy already.

She has been SUCH AN AMAZING FRIEND/CONFIDANT throughout this grueling process of buying a home. It took a year and half of seeing houses and even a purchase falling through before we found the perfect place. Yet she always made us feel happy and cared for. She has been supportive, made her time available, pro-active but in no way overbearing. She would patiently listen to what we are looking for and represent us with such positive energy! She is always fair and honest about both her opinion and where we stand. I came across two dozen realtors just this past year, but she stands out in my eyes and I would not go to anyone else for our future buy/sell needs. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone without a moment's hesitation. Her knowledge and experience shared with her professional and positive attitude makes her awesome at what she does.

Jane L

We can't thank you enough for your diligence, hard work, and commitment in representing us as buyers for our new home.

Your patience, honesty, and professionalism remained steadfast throughout the often challenging process and we are truly thankful to now be living in our dream home. You never failed to return our calls and answer our many questions. Your updates and follow up were not only consistent, but often unexpected. You provided us with invaluable information and made sure that we did everything necessary to keep the often arduous process going. We were dealing with very difficult sellers in an unusual situation and you came through for us with your honesty, dedication and commitment. It was a pleasure to have you representing us and we could not recommend anyone more highly. Your knowledge and skill as an agent is unsurpassed. Thank you again for your unwavering support and for bringing us in to our beautiful new home.

Christine Ma-Schweich

Kathy was excellent.

Went the extra mile for us. We were away for the open house. We trusted Kathy to handle everything. Sold our house in about one week. Very satisfied. Highly recommended.

Eric Segal

We went through about a half-dozen Realtors while looking for our new home.

We met Kathy at an open house and knew immediately that she would be the one to have the patience and endurance to help us find our new ?dream" home. Kathy was there for us-weekends, evenings, while on vacation, on the spur of the moment, we could depend on Kathy- AND never any pressure! She always looked out for us. Kathy is professional, yet friendly and down-to-earth; customer- oriented, and very knowledgeable. She took care of all the paperwork and diligently explained every detail-we had complete faith and trust in Kathy during the purchase process and weren't disappointed.   After helping us purchase our new house, we have entrusted her to help us sell our previous home. I have no doubt that we will be well-represented and equally satisfied with Kathy's expertise and more importantly, we now have a new and valued family friend.

Virginia & Michael

Lisa and I can't thank you enough for all of your hard work in selling our house.

Your professionalism and creativity are unsurpassed. We will continue to recommend you to everyone we know that has real estate needs.

Michael & Lisa Adray

The first time my wife and I met up with Kathy, she drove long way to a coffee shop right down the street from us amd she met late in the evening to accommodate our busy work schedules.

I immediately had a good feeling about her. I could tell that she genuinely cared about us, and she was passionate about helping us. She's kind, personable, and fun; and at the same time, she's professional, effective and hardworking. Being first time homebuyers, we were so grateful to have Kathy to walk us through the process. We knew we could trust in her because she was on top of every detail. That first time we met with her, we described our ideal home; now, thanks to Kathy, we're in our that home! Kathy picked the perfect opening offer that was high enough to get the seller's attention but was still a good price for us. Then she navigated the inspection process, identifying the most important repairs for the seller to do; and she worked her magic and got them to agree to it. When we closed on the house and got the keys, Kathy was as excited as we were. For me it was a joy to be around Kathy because she's living out her calling: to help people like us get the home they want. We can't thank Kathy enough.

Joseph Murphy and Alicia Quiros

We made a long distance purchase of a second home.

Kathy helped us narrow down areas of interest, showed us properties and forwarded us information on properties to review when we were not in town. She always responded promptly , was thorough and professionally assisted us with all aspects of the search through final closing. She was always accommodating on schedule and efficiently utilized our time.

Pamela Teets

Kathy was and is a pleasure to know and work with, she is business minded while maintaining a comfortable and down to earth relationship.

Kathy is a dedicated professional, she is pro-active, knowledgeable, thinks outside of the box and most importantly, communicative. She is concerned about the client’s selling expenses and discourages any unnecessary costs that won’t enhance a sale. Kathy puts her head down and gets the job done; she is like the energy bunny. Hopefully, I won’t have another real estate transaction for a very long time, but if I do, Kathy and her team will be the ones I call without hesitation. I highly, highly recommend Kathy Leimkuhler, thank you Kathy!

Bobbi D

Excellent experience.

Kathy is a dynamite sales person and besides selling our house , she is also a kind , comforting human being.

Indira. Anaheim Hillsb

Kathy is a Rock Star!

She is sincerely interested in doing the right things for her clients in every transaction, until the transaction is completed. Very knowledgeable, honest, and dedicated realtor. You definitely want her on your team for your next real estate purchase or sale!!

Ivo Tjan

Selling your home is a big decision.

Deciding who to help you sell your house is just as important. We chose Kathy & Eric to sell our home because of their knowledge and expertise with in selling in the area. Our experience with them was excellent all the way through. From the first time we reached out through the final details of the sale, Kathy & Eric were consummate professionals. They were always prepared, always on time, and always had the answers we needed! The other thing that impressed us with Kathy & Eric was their marketing ability. The data they presented, the network they are a part of, and the professionals they brought in to help us sell the home were excellent. And the results showed. We listed our property for sale and within 4 days we had 5 solid offers. Kathy & Eric were great at helping us evaluate the offers and make a decision on what was best for us. We would highly recommend them. They are excellent!

Doug White

We are so blessed to know Kathy Leimkuhler and to have the opportunity to work with her, Eric Leimkuhler and her team to sell our home.

Their integrity and work effort made it possible to sell our home quickly and efficiently(actually before we had purchased a new home). The Leimkuhler group has sold more homes in The Parkridge Community than any other. She has represented our community and the surrounding areas with the same success. They transformed our home with staging, marketing materials and an enormous reach to those that are looking to find their new home or a quick sell at the price we were hoping to achieve. My husband and I have lived in Orange County for 120 years combined this transition to our next home has been perfect. WE are truly grateful to Kathy and her team!

Mike and Debbie Stevenson

We highly recommend Kathy Leimkuhler, a fantastic real estate agent and a pleasure to work with.

After having our high-end North Tustin home listed for over a year without a successful sale, we ultimately decided to re-list it with Kathy based on a friend’s recommendation. She was great to work with, bringing a high level of professionalism, balanced with a very likeable, straight-forward way of communicating with us. The brochures, ads and video were beautifully produced and represented the property like never before. While she has a full team behind her, Kathy remained very hands-on, taking the time to really know the large property, and to lead every showing and open house, herself. (This was in stark contrast to our experience with our previous high-profile OC broker.) She professionally navigated the escrow process for us, keeping our hassle-factor to a minimum, and successfully closed escrow ahead of schedule. After 16 months on the market, Kathy brought us a reasonable offer within two months! Thank you, Kathy!!!

Doug and Dana McCaulley

From Day 1 Sharon and I knew that selling our house and netting 100% of our equity plus selling costs was not an easy objective.

However, I chose my role as the "uncompromising client" with the sole purpose of giving you the best opportunity to achieve that objective.  You came pretty darn close. We got our equity back less selling costs. Given that we went through the worst recession since the Great Depression, we can all declare victory.  It is a tribute to you that it has actually happened.  Thank you for all you have done on our behalf. This was great work. I hope you will remember it with a feeling of accomplishment and a smile.

Cap & Sharon Hendrix

Kathy recently represented us in the purchase and sale of our home in Villa Park.

We were quite pleased with the service and results she provided. Kathy listened with personalized attention to the details of our goals, then provided us with buying options that were right on target. She was ready to answer any question, and made us feel as if we were her only client. Her years of experience and keen awareness of the Villa Park market gave us confidence in the advice she offered. When the time came to sell our home, we were impressed at how quickly she made the sale and at the price we were asking. Kathy is friendly every step of the way; yet she is professional, and best of all, smart.  Whether you are selling your home or searching for a new one, Kathy has the expertise to get it accomplished.

Dominic Walsh

Well done Kathy,you kept your promise you sold our house quick , and got what we needed.

Thanks again. The Doumani

Jacques Doumani

Me and my husband were looking for a house sometime fall of 2017.

And we happen to go to any open house and there we met Jennifer. She gave us a tour of the house and was knowledgeable of the surrounding areas. She was so patient, nice, pleasant to talk to AND she made granola bars! Buying a house is not easy. I was getting discouraged, stressed, pretty much wanna give up. But she always encourages us. She does her research and constantly updates us of new listings. We highly recommend her. In fact, we have a handful of her business cards and we give it out to friends and families. Thank you so much, Jennifer. You made our house hunting experience, memorable. Thank you, F1rst Team!

Glenn Poblete

Enjoyed working w you for the sales of 2 properties.

Thanks I. Batra.

Indira Batra

Kathy helped us to sell our home in Orange earlier this year.

We chose Kathy for several reasons. First, we had such a positive experience with her when we purchased the home two years prior (she represented the seller in that transaction). We found her as engaging, and thoughtful in balancing the needs of both buyer and seller. Second, it was clear that she was an absolute expert on our area and market conditions. She knew the prospective buyers who were interested in homes in our neighborhood, and as a neighbor we knew she was invested in a positive outcome for all involved. Kathy was able to identify the right buyer for the home before we even listed it on the market. She was also instrumental in helping us create a situation that allowed us to remain in the home for the Spring to allow our daughter to finish the school year in Orange after we closed. Kathy was invested in a win-win for all involved, and very helpful to us personally during the transition. For that we are forever grateful. If you need a realtor in Orange County -- and in particular in the Orange, Tustin, Yorba Linda, Anaheim Hills area our family gives Kathy and the entire Leimkuher First Team Real Estate team our highest endorsement. You won't be disappointed!

John Beering

It was great!

Kathy went above and beyond, responding to all situations in a very professional and enthusiastic manner! She really showed a personal interest in my families joy over the entire process!!

Barbara Lynn Allison

Thank you so much for securing a wonderful new home for us!

Your ability to perceive and interpret our tastes and requirements accurately resulted in an efficient and positive transaction. You represented us very professionally and were always available to make sure our escrow went as smoothly as possible. Your attention to detail and subsequent follow-up were outstanding.  Best of all you are one of the friendliest and caring people we've ever worked with and made our home purchase a very pleasant experience. We now have a new friend for which we are very thankful.

Don & Ronna Coe

We recently sold our home in Orange, CA.

Kathy & her son Eric represented us for the sale of our home. They are simply remarkable team. From the first moment we met, we felt like family. They went above and beyond what was expected of a realtor. They helped us stage our home, which meant moving furniture and boxes. They even provided us boxes. They took care of landscaping to ensure our house looked the best. During the sale of the home, we were out of town. Not only did they show our home, they watered our plants. Our house sold first weekend for more than asking. Kathy & Eric had a strategy to sell our home and it worked. We highly recommend them, you will not be disappointed.

Mike & Shirley Sherrill

Kathy was our agent when we sold our house in Orange.

We had interviewed 5 different realtors, and we were impressed with her as a person, and an agent. She helped us all the way through the process and made herself accessible along the way. Having lived in our house 35 years, we had many concerns and she helped guide us through the process. I would highly recommend her to anyone trying to sell, or buy, their home.

Tim Boyd

It is wonderful when something is done and you can look back understanding you made the correct decisions.

When we partnered with Kathy we chose the perfect one to handle our very big job! We would not hesitate recommending Kathy to whomever might be looking for a agent that has it all.

Ken Hemstreet

Kathy and her team made the home selling process so easy for my husband and I as first time sellers in a stressful situation of needing to move cross country ASAP.

I knew she was the right agent to work with because she did not make impossible promises or try to overvalue our house. She clearly did the research and came in extremely knowledgeable about our area and our home's value. We certainly didn't have the most expensive house, but she put in the same effort as I would imagine she puts in her million dollar listings. We worked a lot with Alicia and she was also incredible and was always available to me when I had a panic question. Not only did we receive amazing insight from a stager and had incredible photographs taken (with a 3D tour), Alicia tirelessly followed up with all tours that came through to find us the perfect buyers. Our first buyer fell through and less than an hour later, our home was back on the market with all hands on deck following up and scheduling new tours. I am certain that our home wouldn't have sold as quickly or efficiently if not for the incredible work from Kathy and her team. I only regret that I won't be able to use her amazing services again as I am no longer in California. Thanks so much Kathy and Alicia for your amazing service!

Chloe Lovell

We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts fro all the assistance you gave us in the selling and buying of our home.

You were patient, helpful, and efficient in negotiating the best sale price for our home (Handy) as well as helping us buy our new home (Pegasus) at a great price. Also, we are SO grateful for your gift to us to finalize the deal – an act we so appreciated. Throughout the entire process of selling and buying, you always kept us informed and encouraged us with your timely advise and calmness! The best part about this process is the fact that we gained a friend. Both Mia and Bradley ask about you and still talk about how fun you were in including them during our search for homes and the famous “hide-a-key” lock. Bradley describes you as “The Best Realtor ever” which is the cutest thing and of course so true! They are loving our new home and can’t wait for summer to enjoy the pool. Mia is planning a New Year’s Eve bash with a few of her middle school friends to start the year off right – lol! Bradley has made a friend across the street and is spending most of his evenings shooting hoops all while enjoying the safety of the cul de sac. Again, we thank you for all your assistance and we look forward to seeing you soon.Sincerely,Todd, Lucy, Mia & Bradley 

Todd & Lucy

Kathy was such a pleasure to work with, her knowledge of our home and area was excellent.

She lived up to and exceed all her promises of marketing and showcasing our home. Kathy made the process very painless, from the negotiating to the close. We cannot recommend Kathy enough if you are looking for someone to live up to her promises and you want to get results. 

Jennifer Kause

Our experience with Kathy was a pleasure.

She was recommended by a friend of ours, and the recommendation turned out to be excellent. Kathy sold our home quickly at a premium price. She was a personable and knowledgeable agent in the market. She connects with people on a down to earth level with a great smile and honesty. If you are looking for a realtor you cannot do better than Kathy. Fred & Susan Fechtman

Susan Fechtman

When I think of Kathy, the first thing that comes to mind is that she exemplifies all things professional.

She goes far beyond what is necessary to see the transaction all the way through to successful completion. She works tirelessly and diligently and seems to be available 24/7. She truly represents her clients' best interests, and doesn't worry about her commissions, as she always puts the client first. Her experience and background is outstanding and she uses her knowledge and superlative negotiation skills to benefit her clients. Most importantly, the greatest trait that Kathy exhibits is that she always keeps her word - simply stated: she lives up to her commitments. I would highly recommend Kathy to anyone who wants an agent who is experienced, proactive, reliable and just an amazing person. Kathy is not only our agent (both selling and buying), but has become a very special friend to us. We are very happy and satisfied with our relationship, and wish her continued successes.

Chuck & Chris Prieve

Kathy was amazing!

We had an offer in 3 days and a backup offer by day 6! Her marketing plan was unique and innovative compared to other agents we interviewed. Kathy was personally present at our home for every inspection and represented our interest well when we could not be there. She was a great source of information and guidance thru the process because of her experience. After 25 years in the same home we could not imagine how smooth she made the entire transition for us. We thank you Kathy for all the understanding, support and positivity you brought to us.

Rod & Rosemary Ford

I have been involved in Real Estate, Mortgage Lending for over 18 years.

My wife and I hired Kathy to list and sell our home. We knew she was a perfect fit. We have known Kathy for over 4 years. Her professionalism, character, follow through, and work ethic are 2nd to none. We knew we were aligning ourselves with a true Professional. We give our highest level of Recommendation to Kathy Leimkuhler.

Kevin Fogarty

Kathy identified our home proactively for her client (we did not have it up for sale yet), approached us with a win-win proposal and concluded a sale so smooth and quick, that all passed like a pleasant dream.

 It was shown only to this one client, and sold. I wish all home transactions would happen like that. She delivered a great sale for us (in a buyers? market), and she got for the very discriminating Buyer a home that exactly fit his needs and plans for the future. A lot of time and effort was saved by her skill of matching the right buyer and seller. 


I think everyone would agree that buying or selling your home can be one of life's biggest desicions.

You are faced with even more challenges when the two happen simultaneously. If you are fortunate like I was, you have an agent like Kathy working for you at every turn, guiding you through each critical desicion. Kathy is so good at what she does, she is able to put you at ease, keep you positive even during the most tense times, and instill confidence in your ability to make sound decisions because she knows her stuff. She was a lifesaver and I could not have done it without her and the people she aligns herself with~top notch pros all with my best interests in mind. Forever indebted!!

Brenda Knohl

Kathy Leimkuhler is an energetic, upbeat real estate agent.

She never fails to be supportive of her clients and enthusiastic about their homes. The marketing materials she produces for her listings are superbly done, with an eye toward highlighting the selling points of a home that might otherwise be overlooked. We were particularly impressed with the excellent video and elegant brochure she created for our home and her hands-on approach throughout the process. Unlike some high-powered agents, she does NOT distance herself from her clients after they’ve signed on with her. She stays on board and makes sure that their home is being shown to best advantage. We highly recommend Kathy; she is a skilled and ethical agent who will do everything in her power to produce a successful sale.

Bob Boghosian & Beth Warren

Downsizing-As most families, my sister and I were faced with transitioning our Father into a smaller place that he could manage and his large house in Anaheim Hills was no longer practical.

We had several "friends of the family" in the Real Estate business and fortunately chose not to rely on "friendships" and instead focused on the best qualified. We interviewed ALL the local agents including our friends. Kathy and her team were the obvious winners. They took the emotional, physical and financial needs into consideration and made the entire process a dream. Kathy's knowledge of the area and personal touch was remarkable and she explained the entire process and strategy of pricing the home properly to get the most exposure and the most money. Within a short period of time we had a "bidding war" and she not only sold his house at a higher amount than we originally expected but found my Father a beautiful affordable condo he could call his own and was comfortable in. He loves Kathy and her team and she handled his delicate mental state and kept him out of the difficult issues the elderly face when downsizing. She's a WINNER! Divorce- Within a year, I was faced with my divorce and had to sell my own house in Anaheim Hills. Of course Kathy and her team were hired again because of their past success and our wonderful experience. My divorce was complicated and the personalities involved were not only emotionally charged but almost impossible in my opinion. Kathy was able to maneuver through the gauntlet and take everyone's concerns into consideration. It truly was amazing to see how she again made a difficult home sale seem so easy for everyone involved. I don't write testimonials for anyone, but Kathy Leimkuhler is exceptional and our situations were both complicated and seemingly impossible. Go with the best and you won't regret it! Jim Deiss

James Eugene Deiss

Kathy was a great agent and we couldn't be happier with both the sale of our condo and the purchase of our new home.

Kathy was with us every step of the way and answered any of the million questions we had throughout the entire process. We would recommend Kathy for everyone. The process of selling the condo and buying the new home couldn't have gone more smoothly and Kathy was a huge part of that. Only bad thing is she helped us find our perfect home so much so that we probably won't need her services any time in the near future but that's a good problem to have.

Gary Tateyama

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